Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Playlist 2014

Here is a mix of different genres perfect for any Halloween night atmosphere. Give it a listen. Play it loudly. Pass it around. Pick out your favorites from our collaborative playlist and make your own.

As per tradition, the first song is "This is Halloween" - Marilyn Manson cover.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Album Review: Bonjour Batfrog (2014)

I finally managed to give this new Frenchy and the Punk album a listen - and I wasn't disappointed.

This album was released on August 5th of this year and has received nothing but the highest praise from fans. It's even been a hit around Ninja Fish:

"I've listened to it on repeat all week and I don't regret it." - MJ

"It's good to hear more of the Punk on 'Don't Fear the Rabbit.' The two clearly work well together." - Bunny

Even I've become quickly addicted with three of the album's songs making it to my personal favorites list (*notated below in the track listing) - right up there with some David Bowie, Eivør Pálsdóttir, and Depeche Mode. But did we expect any less of our favorite wandering, steampunk gypsy duo?

The pair recently completed a few shows abroad in the UK and have returned, starting their tour of the US. Dates and information can be found here.

Track Listing
1. Fe Fi Fo Fum
2. Strangers After Midnight
3. Bringin' Out The Dead (Edward Gorey Seance)
4. Don't Fear The Rabbit
5. Forever And Ever MC Escher*
6. Batgirl
7. Carried Away*
8. La Vie De Bohème*
9. Why Should I
10. She Was A Flapper (Ode to Lois Long)
11. Mirror Mirror

For the sake of time and space (and time-space), we will pick a few of the tracks to go into detail about; however, we will say that they are all absolutely fantastic! By popular vote here at Ninja Fish, these are the top tracks listed in order of appearance on the album (click the titles to hear the songs):

Strangers After Midnight... This song evokes strong nostalgia for me; Shadowy streets, masks, devils in red top hats and masks, fog, and the flow of drink. The seductive lyrics draw you into a hazy and dark scene filled with mystery and risque liaisons. A must for anyone throwing a masque this Halloween season. Or any function, really.

Don't Fear The Rabbit... This song made the list due to the prominent feature of the Punk. His voice is well suited for this track, lending depth to the words and meshing beautifully with Frenchy's melody. The repetitive riffs and the simple yet elegant chorus get this song stuck in your head quickly. Well played. Well played.

Forever And Ever MC Escher... My personal favorite on this album - not only because I am obsessed with MC Escher**, but because this airy tune has me listening to it obsessively on repeat. It has the right amount of pep and longing to balance out and attract my undivided attention. "That's when we'll fall through infinity..." Lines like that are just magical. You don't find writing like that in songs anymore, and it's a damn shame. It brings out the dreaming artist in all of us, the feeling of possibility. If you need more convincing, just listen to it yourself - really listen. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine.

Carried Away... I had trouble finding the words for this one. It's incredibly beautiful and (for some reason) makes me feel something between sadness and happiness that I can't quite place. It's not something I'd expect from Frenchy and the Punk, but perhaps that's why I love it so much. It's unexpected, it's breathtaking, it's ethereal... it's really something. I don't think romantic is a strong enough word.

La Vie De Bohème...This is my second greatest obsession from the album! Cheery, bright, and the embodiment of fun. "The bohemian life... la bohème is a life style of those who live for and by their art." (Thanks, Yahoo! Answers) If anything represents this outstanding duo, it's this. Their personalities really shine through this song.

Why Should I... This track revives some of the elements of "The Circus Parade" from Hey Hey Cabaret - which is a fantastic idea whether it was intended or not; it really ties this album together with earlier works. There is something oddly satisfying in a song that juxtaposes airy and upbeat melodies with the topic of the inevitabilities of life, aging, and death.

I was surprised that they could put out an album that beat their previous works, but they never fail to impress. They cannot be defined, and their success cannot be limited. Just go buy all their albums, would you?

**For your viewing pleasure:

Never Ending Staircase by M.C. Escher
Ninja Fish thinks this is great music to... discover new worlds and possibilities with.
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