Sunday, August 31, 2014

Omina's Steve Blasts ALS Challenge; Fans Speak Out

Omina's Shaman Steve blasted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last Wednesday, calling it the "Ice Fuckit Challenge" and stating that...
"There are so many worthy causes and issues to fight for and all the media whores do is try to distract us from these important issues. 
With mass-campaigns to fund fictional cures for insignificant diseases that kill less people WORLDWIDE per YEAR than Lightning strikes for fuck's sake!" 
"[A]nd now every fake-assed celebrity and popularity-pole wannabe is doing "the IceBucket challenge"... oooh! ... big fucking deal!
Prostituted bumboys like Bieber and Mass Murderers like Bush are falling over themselves to get their over-publicised ugly faces in the media in a hopeless attempt to seem real and to gain more popularity...
It makes me SICK! BWUUEEERGH!!!!"
(Full) Original Post Here
Apparently, this Shaman's kindness and respect for life only extends to animals and diseases that kill more than the 14,000 people who die of ALS each year.

Oppinion Insert: Who the fuck says that a disease as terrible as ALS is insignificant and not worth research? Who the fuck decides that if something doesn't kill enough people, it's not worth researching? The researchers who have to spend money looking for a cure (thus the fundraising). Oh, and Steve. The same guy blasting these companies and their 'fictional cures.' Ironic, isn't it? [END OF OPINION]

Apparently, fans had this same problem (though no one seemed to notice the irony) and called him out on his hate. Some of my favorite comments:

My favorite.
There are other, longer ones - but you get the point. And according to the comments of his fans, this is not the first post of late that has spewed anger. Many fans are now asking "What triggered all this rage and hypocrisy - preaching love and respect for all life, yet calling serious diseases "insignificant" and shaming those who participate in the challenge? Where has the Shaman gone?"
"[M]y advice to anyone who wants to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge" is this:

Just Freeze the water in the bucket SOLID and then drop the whole fucking bucket on your head! Now THAT will make the world a better place!

Peace Love and sparkly camera-clicky smiles!
Shaman SteveSic"

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