Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Fans Monday (Tuesday): Imperative Reaction and Esza Kaye

Welcome to the second "More Fans Monday," which is really a Tuesday. I fell ill and kind of dropped the ball, so we'll use our imaginations on this one, okay? More Fans Monday means I get to show you a couple of bands that I enjoy that deserve more fans and more fame than they have.

First up is another personal favorite (and I mean top five favorite bands kind of favorite): Imperative Reaction.

Haven't heard of them? I'm not surprised. They got their start in '96 and have been rocking the underground cyber scene with their original four members ever since. They've only released six albums between '99 and '11, which is a fair and reasonable number to most, but not for a rabid fan like me. They progressed from a bit of electro-Euro grunge to gritty industrial over the years, covering a spectrum of music I'm more than fond of. They remind me a bit of early Nine Inch Nails, and before you ask - yes, that's a good thing.

Imperative reaction always makes me feel quite nostalgic. I first heard them in '09 with their album "As We Fall". Their song "Judas" struck a powerful chord with me and gave me the feeling of righteous anger and invincibility. Looking at the lyrics, it's not hard to see why.

The song below is one of their more recent ones - and as such, one of their more cyber industrial sounds. Years later, I still enjoy them as much as I did on the day I discovered them, and I find their music lacking nothing but quantity.

Next up is Esza Kaye.

I have trouble finding a decent amount of information on her, but the important thing is not her label or her starting years, but her music. And that speaks for itself.

She performs a wide genre of music from the light, provocative "Katy Come Out To Play," to the sweet darkness of "The Confessor," and to the cyber-trance "Tinged With Machine". The group (consisting of Esza Kaye, Leddie Garcia, Christian Dorris, Randy Emata, and guests) started in Los Angeles and traipsed through the underground scenes of New York, Prague, Moscow, and many other places. The music they share reflects their experiences and travels, painting a dark, mysterious, and hazy image for their listeners.

Here, I will break precedent and show two of her videos. The first is "The Confessor," which reveals her darker, more ethereal side. The second is "Tinged With Machine," which will show the cyber-trance tones.

Remember - keep an open mind and you'll be sure to find amazing bands and singers of your own. Our music defines us, so make yourself worth listening to!

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