Monday, July 15, 2013

More Fans Monday: Other Blogs

I'd like to try something a little different for this Monday: a shout out to friends who have supported me and my blog. Their blogs deserve some love too!

First up, Les diables d'Angélique. 

This blog was created by a good friend of mine. Sometimes she'll feature my poetry. Hers is rather amazing as well, and it deserves some mention. Her is an excerpt of her poem "My Quiet Resolve".

"Should I grow a blackened heart?
of hatred for those who've wronged it
and infinite remorse for whom it have wronged.

Should I empty it?
of every memory and every note,
so passionately imprinted,
and strip it of the pondering pleasure."

This blog features not only her poems, but her short stories, poems from other poets, music, and more things that inspire her.

Next up is Galaxy Zento.

This blog features the art and writing of Dave Wilde's Galaxy Zento - a universe he created. There are numerous villains and heroes, epic battles, and lessons to be learned. You might remember him from a previous shout out post featuring his latest book. An inspiring word from him about his new book and Autism can be found here.

Here's an excerpt from his latest post:

 "As he reached the door leading to his floor, someone grabbed him from behind and put a dark hand over his mouth. Larratus struggled and shook off his attacker, turning and putting his back to a wall. Everyone thought the Deformer was dead, killed by Electrode back in the beginning of the conflict. The same time Larratus realized that Deformer was very alive, he realized he had no mouth to say anything about it. Deformer had used his power to mold living flesh and sealed the Commander’s lips together. Commander Larratus pushed his way through the stairwell door, looking for a way to defend himself."

Both of these people I consider to be good friends. Their continued support and inspiration makes this blog possible. Not only for that reason, but the fact that they are both incredible at what they do, proves that they are truly deserving of more fans.

Happy Monday!

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